Fileserver logging utlility or script on usage.

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Fileserver logging utlility or script on usage.

is there any way that i can log the usage of each user on the share basis. Like which user accessed which share and copied or utlized how much space

I have Windows 2003 R2 & windows 2008

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Hello. First you can enable GPO audit policies to log access on folders and files.
Then in the shared folder enable the auditing to Everyone.
The information of access will be logged on the system log in the event viewer of the server.

More info here
You can implement file audiing, and monitor the security event log.

This involves setting the audit policy (audit object access success & Fail in local security policy admin tool) and flagging the folder on which the share is hosted for auditing.

Folder properties->security->admvanced->auditing

This will quickly generate a LOT of data on well used folders, so you'll need to keep an eye on the event log sizes



Thanks but i want some other way rather than the Event logging. i already have them enabled and i cannot find a way to get them in a format for reports and it does not do most of the things i want

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