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Hi guys

I am using microsoft project(i am a rookie on this), i enter all the tasks with resources and dates, now how can i have a calculate main task or title of the project showing the start date and the end date, i saw a couple of examples that show the main tsk or title of the project as task 0, i do not know how to do it, if i insert a task it inserts one with number 1 and i have to enter the dates
Also how can i print the dates diagram in just 1 page

please advise
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Hi Titorober23,
1. For your first question: you can let MP calculate duration, start date and finish date for main task by using Predecessors field. This field shows relationship between sub tasks.
For example, your main task 1 has three sub tasks. Task 1.2 will do after task 1.1 and task 1.3 will do after task 1.2.
You enter task 1.1 with 2 days as duration, enter start date, MP will calculate automatically finish date for task 1.1. Task 1.1 will have number 2.  Now, you insert task 1.2 with duration is 3 days. You don't need enter start date and end date, just enter 2 in Predecessors field. MP will calculate start date, end date for task 1.2 and main task 1. Similar for task 1.3.
Now you have main task 2, which has 2 sub tasks. Task 2.2 will start when both task 1.3 and 2.1 finish. To show that relationship, you should enter 4 and 6 in Predecessors field of task 2.2.
Please look attached file for detail.
I'm not sure about number 0 for main task. I've never seen that before
2. For 2nd question: I think there is no way to print date diagram in Gantt chart in just 1 page.

Dr. Thomas HenkelmannDirector Consulting Services

you can show the total project's duration, dates, cost etc in the "Project Summary Task". Goto Tools..Options..View and check the "Show project summary task" option, this will make the first row with ID = 0 visible.
Printing the Gantt Chart is an art, I'm doing a little research and will add to this comment.


On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the View tab. Then   select the Show Project summary task check box.

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