Strange Mouse Icon on top of Desktop (dragging cursor to top)

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I have a Windows XP Gateway Tablet here that is giving me trouble with the mouse.  Everytime I try to do something, the mouse goes to the top of the desktop and right clicks, it is really annoying.  There is also a strange mouse icon that appears with a bunch of red circles going around it, and then the cursor right clicks.  I ran a bunch of anti-virus scans, and also a Malwarebytes scan and everything came up fine.  I also ran sysinternals and did not see any applications that are running that are out of the ordinary (not 100% sure what I am looking for though).  I have attached a screenshot of what this icon looks like that keeps popping up.  Could someone please help identify this, and offer a solution.  Thank you in advanced!

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Brad Sims, CCNACyberSecurity Analyst

What is the model number of your laptop?  

Also, you mentioned your this an external mouse or are you referring to the touchpad?


This is a Gateway E-155C Tablet.  At the moment, I am only using the touchpad that is under the keyboard, I do not have an external mouse attached to it.  This is also running Windows XP Tablet, but I cannot find any setting that would have this mouse icon show up and take control of it.  Any ideas?
Danny ChildIT Manager

The circles and strange icon sound like some of the accessibility features are being triggered. Check Control Panel for these.

Does it also happen in Safe Mode?  Press F8 when Windows starts up to get to this.

I'd also see if an external mouse works, and also if the touchpad can be disabled - either in bios, or Device Manager.
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See if you can find anything in the app above, that might be some sort of Mouse/Touchpad helper application......

Also, have you checked for any Touchpad driver updates @ the mfgr website?


Thanks for the help, but I still cannot find what process is running.  I also checked the BIOS and updated the drivers, still nothing.  I wish there was a utility that would show me this process right when it comes on.
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1-Run process explorer.
In it ,hit options and select "verify image signatures"
Then hit view,select columns and check "verified signer"
Get a screen shot of process and attach images in a folder attachment

Also hit options again and select "difference highlight duration" and set it to nine seconds

2-Run autoruns again
In Autoruns:
Hit options and check "verify code signatures" and rescan (F5 key)
Don't make any other changes...

Within Autoruns,select the file tab and select save(Ctrl+S) and save as AutoRuns Data (*.arn) -Output file is a few megs in size
Once saved then right click autoruns.arn and rename to autoruns.txt to upload

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Inside Process Explorer, There is a little CrossHairs at the top, on the toolbar.....

Drag it over the icon, and see if it highlights the process in the main window......


Thanks, ill give it a shot, and let you know!!1!
could you check for msconfig?
Check the loaded processes?

Could you run for combofix? Google it, download it from bleeping computers.

Best regards.

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