Assign a single local profile to a group of users

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In Windows 7 is it possible to assign a single local profile to a group of users?

My research on this topic keeps bringing me to roaming profiles. I/we do not wish to use roaming profiles.

I did find one product that claims to be able to do this: User Profile Manager by ForensiT (, but that software is quite expensive for our entire enterprise...

I'd like to tell Windows, anybody in the group "Domain Users" use local profile "Installer"...

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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you can force users to have the same desktop background, restrict access to control panel etc  all in group policy.

what is it about a single profile you want them all to have? do they all log in as the same user because that should do it as well


There are many application settings that exist in the user profile that need to be consistent between users at their first login to the domain.  Manually setting these settings each time is unacceptable as there are many users (students) that use these PCs.
mrroonie is right, all this you can achieve by pushing gpo, as you can practically cut off everything you want, set disk quota, prevent from changing desktop, installing etc. etc. another thing is - roaming profile is somehow a good solution, every user has it's own profile, which in this case would be exactly the same as others.
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When in a domain, it is better to use Mandatory profiles. Copy the desired profile to a network share, (from the computer - advanced - profiles GUI) making sure that the group "Domain users" have rights to use it. Rename User.DAT to User.MAN. Set security to Read, and in Active Directory Users and Computers change the profile to the mandatory profile
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Please follow these instructions to create a mandatory profile for Windows 7
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How to customize the default local user profile when you prepare ...

Might need to look at this, as a part of  your SOE config. If you make the profile the way you want it, with the proper favorites/shortcuts retrictions etc, any new user to log on to a machine with this configured will be at your standard profile.

Alternatively, you can also look at redirecting Favorites/Desktops/Documents etc, if you dont want to have any Mandatory profiles setup. This can be done without a FULL Roaming profile....

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