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Does anyone know the proper dip switch setting on USR Sportster modems for dial-up into Cisco router AUX ports from Hyperterm? I am preparing to attach 33.6 and 56K Sportsters modems to Cisco 3800 series routers.

Thanks !
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Been a long time since I had one lone remote modem, this is from memory.
Mfr doc is at
Most important one is 5=up for auto answer on ring

1 = up DTR normal
2 = up verbal result codes (convenience)
3 = up suppress result codes
4 = down no echo offline commands
5 = up auto answer
6 = up CD normal
7 = up NVRAM defaults
8 = up dumb mode

factory default all up except 3,5,8 down - these should be good for the hyperterm end

Good practice to set a short idle timeout on your console though
the 'war dialers' are nearly extinct.
Modem - USR modem (with 8 dip switches) connected to Router AUX port for PPP
1) Set dip switches 3 and 8 down, all others up.
2) Connect modem to aux port using console cable and modem adapter.
3) Paste the following at an enable (#) prompt:
config t
modemcap edit usrmodem misc &FS0=1&C1&D3&H1&R2&B1
line aux 0
modem inout
transport input all
flowcontrol hardware
modem autoconfigure type usrmodem
autoselect ppp
autoselect during-login

Then try to dial into the modem and you should receive the login screen. :)

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