Exchange 2007 webdav properties not being returned

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Have an exchange 2007 server with webdav enabled. External 3rd party accessing the calendar. When they run their application it is getting these values returned to it
I need to enable more values to be returned to their application
    [0]: {[DAV:contentclass, DAV:contentclass]}
    [1]: {[DAV:getcontenttype, DAV:getcontenttype]}
    [2]: {[DAV:resourcetype, DAV:resourcetype]}
    [3]: {[DAV:creationdate, DAV:creationdate]}
    [4]: {[DAV:ishidden, DAV:ishidden]}
    [5]: {[DAV:parentname, DAV:parentname]}
    [6]: {[DAV:getcontentlength, DAV:getcontentlength]}
    [7]: {[DAV:isstructureddocument, DAV:isstructureddocument]}
    [8]: {[,]}
    [9]: {[DAV:displayname, DAV:displayname]}
    [10]: {[DAV:href, DAV:href]}
    [11]: {[DAV:isreadonly, DAV:isreadonly]}
    [12]: {[DAV:getlastmodified, DAV:getlastmodified]}
    [13]: {[DAV:iscollection, DAV:iscollection]}
    [14]: {[,]}

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Is WebDAV enabled in Web Extensions within IIS if the server is 2003 and enabled in IIS if the server is 2008?


Webdav is enabled, and the user has appropriate authoring rules

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