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I have deployed bginfo to our xp workstations to display the host name on the desktop.. via Group Policy and a .bat file.
When I tried it as a Computer Startup script the host name on the screen would disappear when a user logged on, I believe because Folder Redirection for the users desktop would over write it. So, I tried it as a User logon script and it worked ok. The problem is that quite often when a user logs on the result is a blue screen.. the user is logged in but bginfo somehow interferes with the final rasterizing of the desktop.

Has anyone else experienced this and is there a better way to deploy bginfo..?

P.S. I am not familiar with VB scripting..

thanks in advance


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I've had this problem before with BGinfo, it was caused from access violations, BGinfo trying to load data that was in the process of being loaded at login. This can be caused from Anti-Viruses, and other applications as well as the OS at times.

Try running this from the registry from : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run

Or just put it in all users/startup if that dosen't work.
use bginfo and edit your *.bgi configuration file. use the menubar and navigate to bitmap > location.... change the location to the temp directory in the user's profile (screenshot attached). your problem is unless your user's have admin rights, they cannot update the wallpaper because they don't have permissions.




thanks John.. I've just checked the Location in the the .bgi file and it is already the %TEMP% directory.

it seems odd that it works sometimes and not others..?

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you also have to make sure that active desktop is enabled for all users that you want this logon script to change the background for. can you quantify how man users this doesn't work on, or is it on everyone? maybe the users affected have something in common such as their user accounts being located in different OUs which could speculate that they may not be getting the same gpo's as the ones it does work for? doing a rsop for a user that gets the background and one that doesn't and compare the differences in those results to try and isolate where the issue may reside. and don't forget to double-check that active desktop is enabled as well.



sorry john.. when I said.. "quite often when a user logs on the result is a blue screen" I meant that the same user can log on with no problems.. and then another time.. the same user hangs at the blue screen. it appears to be pot luck whether it works or not..
have you double-checked to ensure that the workstation that same user logs had active desktop enabled? and also, in your user logon script, what is the timer: value set for? and have you double-checked to ensure that the bitmap that bginfo is supposed to create actually exists?



the bginfo.bat script works ok.. it runs the bginfo.exe (with the config.bgi file I've created) from the NETLOGON share with no problems.. ie when tested straight from the command line.. the timer is set to /timer:0.. How do I test if Active Desktop is running..? I don't think it is.. I can't see in the bginfo instructions where it mentions Active Desktop..

Nezoic.. the registry key works ok and doesn't seem to conflict with the folder redirection desktop.. however, I'm getting command windows appearing as bginfo.exe executes even with the /silent switch..
How do I set this registry key with group policy and stop the command windows appearing..?
since you're in a domain environment, check your group polices to see if this is enabled (it needs to be for bginfo to work). link below:

the only setting i can recall that you need to have enabled for sure is having active desktop enabled. other than that, I think you can leave the rest of the settings not configured. let me know if you need anything else.



thanks john.. Active Desktop is disabled in group poilicy.. and for other reasons I can't turn it on.. I'll split the points as nezoic's registry entry seems to stop the blue screen and I'll find a way of stopping the command windows appearing as bginfo executes..

thanks again for your help

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