SQLServer 2005 Replication - Pause or Disable

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We have an SQL Server (2005) setup to be both a Publisher and Distributer. One of the databases on there is replicated to another database off site (a small subset of the data).
If I wish to make a schema change to the on site database, I am unable to as there is replication set up on table. This makes sense and I have no problems with this. However, to make any schema change, I am currently having to delete the whole Publication, make the change, and then recreate the Publication from scratch.
Is there a way I can pause/disable the existing replication to allow me to change the structure of a table and then unpause/enable to continue rather than having to delete and recreate the Publication?
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I'm a bit rusty on replication, but could you not stop the distribution agent, amend your schema, regenerate your publication to pick up the new schema and then push this onto your subscriber?

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