Sonicwall IP SPOOF Multiple Subnets tz170

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i have multiple subnets ... (voice subnet, data subnet)  i also have a Point to point link and within there they also have a few subnet.  (voice, Data)

anyways im not sure how i can do this..

i added routes with a gateway i think it might work but i cant get

But of course it HAS been done because it was working.... i needed to SWITCH ISP carrers and the last company that had the sonicwall went out of business. so i had to Reset it to factory defaults.

but i guess theres alot more to do for this setup..

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forgot to state mY ISSUE .... im not able to access internet on all the other subnets except for the subnet that the router is on..

firewall ip IS

192.168.0.x Can CANT CANT CANT  CANT  
How are the WAN, LAN, and any other interfaces configured under the Network settings?


figured it out i had to put a route in the routing table which ADDED the subnet ALLOWED on the LAN ....
and point it to a Gateway every thing else was set to....

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