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These are dns records my wiki provider wants me to add.
I am assuming that these records need to go on the public side of my dns.
How will adding the following records in dns affect my organization

Add the following to records to your DNS system (substituting "YOUR-DOMAIN-NAME.com" for the domain you chose):

*.YOUR-DOMAIN-NAME.com. IN CNAME mywiki.wiki.net
YOUR-DOMAIN-NAME.com.   IN CNAME mywiki.wiki.net
In case your DNS provider does not support wildcard CNAME records, you may also alternately add the following records:

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Wildcards will make the dns lookups for a non-registered name yield a
valid result (mywiki.wiki.net) instead of an error 'name not found'.

The casual side-effects are:
- users who enter a typographical error for a valid name (ohst.your-domain insteead of host.your-domain) get redirected
- previouls dns names that are retired/removed will continue to work but get redirected

This is a very common practice.

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