sbs 2003 premium and SQL Server 2005

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I have a client that is using an SBS server 2003 premium which includes SQL 2000 server. They use the SQL Server 2000 for a special Truck Dealer System and each workstation is using odbc connection to the applications database. There is no user authentication in place as each odbc connection uses the same credentials. The software vender is now asking that they upgrade their SQL server to 2005. We can get SQL 2008 server with a downgradable license from Microsoft.

Question is can we install SQL 2005 on this same server with out disrupting the current SQL server 2000 operation? Can we have both versions running at the same time?
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Why you do not upgrade your existing SQL2000 -> SQL 2005? There is nothing in SQL 2005 that could be done in 2000.
I don't want to disturb the current setup. Client would like to ease into the newer version (tesing forms and functionality) before moving to the new version live.

Sure - you're right.
If nobody knows - just try them both at Microsoft VirtualPC or Sun VirtualBox.
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short answer, yes you can.

however, you need to make sure you cover everything here.
(they key is service pack!!!)
There is no need for a Vm. You can just install an 'instance' of SQL 2005 (or 2008) which happily runs in parallel with Sql 2000. Just make sure you have enough memory to run both instances.

When you install SQL it will detect the existing version and ask whether you want to upgrade or install another instance.
Thanks gentlemen, much appreciated.

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