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I'm in the process of migrating local computers to our domain, I had the user log in with their domain account, then log off. I then logged in with the local admin account which I created and copied her local profile over to her domain profile. When I tried logging on with her credentials it would act as if it's logging on, but then a message appeared saying logging off, and it would just keep recyling. I logged in with my domain admin account and renamed her ntuser.dat to ntuserold.dat I was able to log but I got a message saying a temporary profile has been created, so I restarted the machine and tried logging on with her domain user account, I received the following message: Group Policy Client Service Failed the logon Access Denied, and now that's where I'm stuck, I can't log onto her machine with her domain user account. HELP PLEASE!!! I've never run across that message before and I have 50 machines to swtich.
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this is because you have renamed the ntuser.dat you should rename it back, you can access the share from differenet computer like \\computer\c$\users\username and rename the ntuser.dat back to its original name, or the other soution is to delete the full profile folder like rename the username folder to someothername


There could be two possibilities:

1>The group policies are not taking effect in your domain.
2>The profile itself gone corrupt.

Ran a gpupdate /force and check out for any userenv errors in the application log.

--If it is a windows vista machine ,check out the links below:


I deleted the domain profile completely, and repeated the the local profile migration. That seemed to work, I was able to log in with the user domain account and everything from the local profile copied over fine.

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