Toshiba eStudio 723 unable to retrieve configuration settings on SOME machines

Stephen York
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We use Toshiba 723 Copiers as networked printers on XP Pro computers.  We use the specific (as specific as they get anyway) drivers for our copiers (the 853 driver in this case).  The copiers are set to require a dept code to print/copy.  When printing from XP on the same network subnet (and only on some of our computers), the print driver does not ask for the security code and the print job hangs in the "invalid" queue.  If we try to open the printer configuration from the control panel, (printers, properties, configuration), the computer is unable to read the printer configuration (error msg: Unable to retrieve Printer settings").

My gut feel is that the Toshiba driver needs to read the printer config to see if it needs to ask for or even send the dept code prior to sending the print job.  If it can not not read the printer settings, it just dumps the job to the copier which then never prints and frustrates the user.  We have tried to hard-code the dept code into the driver as a workaround but that does not work on the computers that can not print to the copier correctly.  

This seems to be getting worse as of the last few weeks, not that that sounds realistic...

Any ideas, experts?
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Is there any chance that the printer is not set to a static ip address?  If it is using DHCP and changes, the change will cause fits that are a b*tch to track down.
If it is set to a static ip, what happens if you try to open the web interface on a system that works and one which does not?
Director of Technology
I got one copier to work by changing ports on my switches... The problem seems to be corupted ARP tables on my network switches.  I can get the config and update if I change switches.  Since this is happening qacross the building, it is endemic... I may need to close this post and get help elsewhere, but I need to check first thing Monday when I can force a mass-reboot and clear ARP...

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