PayPal Error - Security header is not valid

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I have implemented paypals recurring billing option in my website. My website do not have the SSL certification. I have used NVP method to implement recurring billing.

It worked fine in sandbox environment. When i configured it with live paypal account information, it is throwing a security header is not valid error.

Below is the response that i got from paypal.

Array ( [TIMESTAMP] => 2010-01-29T15:21:53Z [CORRELATIONID] => d3d0cb1935154 [ACK] => Failure [VERSION] => 50.0 [BUILD] => 1157804 [L_ERRORCODE0] => 10002 [L_SHORTMESSAGE0] => Security error [L_LONGMESSAGE0] => Security header is not valid [L_SEVERITYCODE0] => Error )

Kindly help me ASAP.
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It seems that you are using sandbox account at live server. Change sandbox credentials with the live one and it should work..
were you able to resolve the issue as i mentioned above ?


In sandbox i dont get this error. I get success. But in the live one only i get this Security header is not valid error..
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yes dear.. as i mentioned above that you might be using same credentials (ie sandbox) at live server which will not accept what you were using at sandbox. create a new account at live server before switching to live serrver


Ya I am using the new credentials for the live server..
hmm.. then post your issue at paypal support.. they will able to help you out in this...


i tried to do that also.. but i don no how to post..
check out 'Help Center contact information' section of paypal site.. you can contact paypal via email or phone..


Security Header error is thrown for mainly two reasons-

i)  Invalid URL
ii) Invalid API Crdentials

I googled and could find out the problem and now its working fine..
Dear Vineethvp

didnt i mentioned to you that check your crenditials ??? What else you were looking from an EE Expert ??
My credentials were right.. I dint change them. What i meant was the Security Header Error has two reasons,

1) Invalid URL.
2) Invalid API Crdentials.

My credentials were correct but i was using the a paypal API code from the internet in that the URL was coming from a function and in that the URL was not livepaypal but the sandbox URL that is why i had this error and this was neatly explained by a Paypal technical support officer when i dialed the Merchant Support number -1800 852 1973.

thanx vineet for the explanation. I appreciating the way you acknowledged experts for their efforts and time in  helping others..

i dont have any clue about the sort of help you were seeking at EE..

all the best..

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