Hide a field before sending an Infopath form to Outlook

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I am using InfoPath 2007 to create a form to send to Outlook. It then goes to our Track-It queue which uses plain text format.
1. Is there a way to have the form just send the fields that have data in them?
2. Also, is there a way to "connect" associated fields. For example:If a user checks the "check box" for a laptop computer, there is a text box that says "laptop" and then another associated field (text box) that allows a user to input how many laptops they want.

 I can get the entire form info to appear in the body of the email, but it gets hard to read when it gets changed to plain text. The users are having problems pulling up the attached form from within Track-it. I have looked at the various submit options but nothing seems to work. Thank you.
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1. No a submit is everything, even blank values. You could try and mitigate the issue by putting the most important or most used fields at the top of your schema.  When browsing your main data source, right click and move the fields.  Then at leat there is not a lot of blanks between the most importatn fields.

2. You can conditionally display fields.  So put conditional formatting on the laptop number field where if Laptop checkbox is false it is hidden. Then it only displays if the laptop field is checked.

www.infopathdev.com is a good resource too.

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