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I have a problem whereby one device on my BES ( keeps on having issues with delivering messages. The problem is intermittent and is characterized by a buildup of pending data packets. These do sometimes appear to be going through, but very slowly. The only way I can get the packets delivered is to either remove and replace the battery on the 8900 device (latest software), or go in to the host routing table and re-register the device on the RIM network. Do people think that this is just a problem with the device - I don't have any problems with my other devices on the BES, albeit, they are on O2 rather than my one T-Mobile device. Is there anything in the logs which would indicate that a device is experiencing problems connecting to the RIM network?

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I know it sounds dumb but.... Downgrade to a know good firmware version.

What device are you using?
service provider does not even matter, it is a software issue not a hardware or service issue!!!
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In relation to the response above, why would this start to happen prior to me updating the software on the device?
try what I suggested and then replace the device

So the intermitten issue persist before and after device code upgrade?

Believe or don't, low hardware issue do happen from time to time.  We have to replace quite a few devices, after which intermitten connectivity issue disappeared magically.  

wipe the device and reload the firmware

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