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I created 2 meeting room resources in Exchange 2007. I would like only one person - i.e. Jen to have the ability to schedule the room(s). I would also like everyone else to only be able to see the calendar. I've noticed that many questions about Resource mailboxes, on this site, get refered to this link -
I've followed the instructions at this website but in the process I enabled AutoAccept. When I did a "Get-mailbox | fl counselingoffice " I noticed that AutoProcessing is set to "autoaccept"
Is this the reason everyone can schedule this resource? If so how can I turn off auto accept and set this resource to be controled by only one person.

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autoaccept means when user schedule meeting room autoaccept it, you can change it to autoupdate by using the following command

set-mailboxcalendarsettings roomname -automateprocessing AutoUpdate
Allow only some users to schedule meetings and block the rest:

Set-MailboxCalendarSettings –Identity “<RoomName”  -BookInPolicy Jen  -AllBookInPolicy$false


Thank you. I've been sick and couldn't get back to this. Thank you so much.

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