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Our company has a company manual in binders.  I was wondering what the easiest and cheapest way would be to turn this into a digital format that all the employees could access.(WEBSITE OR INTRANET?)  All of the files are either in word or excel.  I want people to be able to open it up and print out what they need rather than going to the paper manual and copying a section or sheet.  
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If you have the source for the docs in electronic form already but the goal is to make
them available in a portable format so the users need not run office/word/excel, you
can convert them to PDF using free tools and publish the PDFs on your web or ftp server.
One free pdf writer is at www.doPDF.com.  It is a 'virtual printer' that emits pdf files
instead of going to a real printer.


Sounds good.  Once I have all of the excel and word documents in pdf do you know how to combine them into 1 large pdf?
Here is one free tool that will merge many PDFs to a single output

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