XCode 3.2 Missing/Empty Frameworks

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Hi all,

I've had a tough time trying to get Apple's new SDK 3.2 actually running over the past day or so. I've finally got XCode to actually open my projects without crashing, but now all of my frameworks are empty/missing (they are red). I am particularly missing: CoreFoundation, CoreGraphics, Foundation, UIKit, and AudioToolbox.

My projects were of course all compiling with SDK 3.1.2.

What do I do to get my projects compiling again?
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Uninstall DevTools and reinstall them from scratch

delete empty/missing (they are red) frameworks.

open project -> edit active target "your project name"

choose general. Press "+" . Add missing frameworks under "device - iPhone OS 3.2 SDK"
If your SDK 3.2 is installed correctly you could change Active SDK. Try to change Active SDK to 3.1.2 and build. You can also set Base SDK version in Project -> Edit Project Settings.

Other way is to find older version of Xcode - may be it wasn't deleted by installing newer version. I've found it on my Mac in folder "/Xcode3.1.2"
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Actually, it was supposed to update your existing Xcode and the dev tools. And it happened so on my computers.

I'd try to reset Xcode:
(delete com.apple.Xcode, remove ~/Library/Application\ Support/Xcode)

If it does not help, I'd recommend:

1. Make a backup copy of all your projects.

2. Uninstall Xcode and the dev tools:
    (on your Mac you can find About Xcode Tools.pdf document)

3. Check manually that there is no Xcode on your computer. You can use this free optimization tool:

4. Download and install the latest SDK.

5. Check that Xcode works - make a small app, debug it, check that everything's fine with your settings, the app is running in Simulator/phone, the organizer works fine, etc.

6. Open your frameworks' projects and build them.

I think, you have your specific settings, prebuild/postbuild scripts, ... in Xcode that were lost when you updated the version.  


I'm very sorry that it has taken so long to resolve this question. It was accidental - I had to close my account and was therefore unable to accept your solution. My apologies and thanks for your answer.

Yes, uninstalling Xcode and devtools and then reinstalling from scratch for some reason did seem to fix this issue.

You are welcome. I'm glad you solved the problem and now may ask questions again.
Have a nice weekend.

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