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Hey guys ! am attending an INTERVIEW for ZS associates in a weeks time. I know C quite well And the profile is for a software developer. What do u think i should focus in this weeks time , to be prepared for ZS.

Thanks in advance.
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No personal specific knowledge of this company, but read some history about them, it shows that you are prepared to do some digging for information, plus a hint of loyalty to their aims.

Understanding what the client, team leader, peer wants is arguably at or near the top of list.  In an interview situation this could be tested for quite simply by asking you a vague question designed to be responded to either with clarifying questions (do you mean...?), or by giving an overarching answer which covers all bases.  Do not be tempted to assume that the interviewer has given you all the parameters to enable you to answer a question as it stands.  

There will likely be people on the panel whose knowledge of C is limited to it being the third letter of the alphabet and that in suitable doses could be beneficial to good health.  Engaging these members of the panel are as important is wowing them with you technical ability.
Proof reading your cv helps too lol (spot the typos in my comment tut tut).
No knowledge of the company either. Look up some C interview questions (Google) in case you are asked something about things like calling conventions, memory management, pointers, etc.
I would divide my time between researching the company and studying a bit of the intricacies of C.
At the interview, the real wow is to have questions for everybody. The more these questions focus on what will be expected of you, the better. When they see you are seeking out the details of your future work, they see that you are interested in making it your future work, and that you intend to understand and fulfill your position.
Questions can range from "Who will I be dealing with and talking to on a daily basis?" to "What kind of processes does the company have in place, and where do you think it needs improvement?"
Good luck.
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"Why is this job a good fit for you?"
"Because it offers a challenging opportunity that exactly fits my skill-set. Because it has the company atmosphere in which I will thrive."
Michael's last comment means that you do need to know a fair bit about the company because the response may well be "how do you know so?"  I get a fair few speculative CV's coming through the letterbox and it is amazing how many of the people behind them want to join my company because they have heard so much about our reputation.  Unless they know someone who knows me (which would have been a better approach), it is highly likely that they know diddly squat about my company, and it invites the obvious question.  

If however you can answer that question convincingly then you will almost certainly jump to the head of the queue.



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