HP P1006 printer continually becomes unavailable on Windows 7 workstation

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Hello all:
   I recently deployed 6 new PC's with Windows 7 Professional 32-bit to a client.  In working with the printers, I am having a terrible time keeping the printers functioning.  One in particular is the manager.  The printer is connected via a USB cable and shared so other workstations can print it.  This worked great with XP Pro.  Now, the printer will work for about a half day, then stop printing.  Jobs go into the queue and sit there.  The current job will have an error printing.  Often the printer will go to Paused mode, but we cannot take it out of paused mode.  To fix this we change drivers, turn off the printer, unplug the USB, turn printer on, plug in USB, switch driver back.  This doesn't always fix it, btFYI, I have removed the old driver and installed the latest driver for this printer from HP - which does support Windows 7.  Other printers on the network seem to work fine - HP 4250, HP Color 4700 and some Okidata 520's.  Any ideas how to make this more robust??
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Hi this is very common problem with P1000 series I spent hours and hours with HP technical team. If you look at their website you have technical support telephone number for all series apart from P series I had to work hard to get to the right department and it was all waste of time.
I did exactly same what you described but no vain spent two days with this nightmare
Ok let's come to main point how I fixed it.

1. Remove all drivers and make sure you also remove printer from device printer as well
2. Restart your PC and you will note windows 7 will try to look for the drivers itself and you should get a message fialed to load drivers.you then go to start, printer devices, you will note printer P1006 is listed right at the bottom and greyed out if you right click and click on property you will only get three options and you will not be able to enetr in property settings. REMEMBER If it installs then that means driver were not removed fully you will have to remove them from registry
3. Now click on Add Printer
4. Choose to select it from list DON'T let it find and install itself
5. Click have disk and then browse the folder where you have downloaded the drivers
6. Another thing to remember on HP site you have two files for P1006 one is 3.something MB and the other one is full 168.something MB. I don't remeber the exact size. You need to download the full version 168 mb
7. After clicking on have disk and browsing to folder it will be asking you to find autrun file by default and when u broswe to the folder it will highlight by defaul autorun DONT select or click on it underneath u will see another file for P1006 click on it and select it. Let it install the printer
8. You will then see in devices printer your printer is installed and you will still the greyed out P1006 as well
9. Right click on it and click troubleshoot follow the instruction. You may get error message troubleshooter failed to download or start. Just click on retry
10. Click on apply fix it fix it and will give you message no other problems found

After this you will not have any problems. Mine working fine since then
I had problem with P1005 and P1006

Good luck if you need further help do not hesitate to come back


OK, that sounds pretty good.  I did uninstall the drivers, but I did not download the big 168 MB file.  I can do that and follow your installation instructions.  I'll let you know how it goes.  Thank you!
CJIT Consultant

Any time

Just make sure you follow those steps otherwise it will not work



Well it seems to be working most of the time.  Every once in a while it will kill over - usually when someone sends a big PDF from another workstation.  But overall it seems to work.  Thank you very much. :)

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