DNS losing IP address in DB

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I have a DNS server that has dropped IP address of four servers with static IPs. Does anyone have an idea?
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Hosts register their DNS entries when entering the domain, and refresh these entries periodically. DNS servers might allow dynamic updates or not or limit them them to only secure updates. If the entries aren't refreshed in a predetermined time, they get scavenged by a clean up rule (according to the timings defined in the DNS server.)

check that dynamic updates are allowed.
review your DNS server's scavenging periods
check that configuration on the TCPIP for those servers have the options configured to register in the DNS server (TCPIP advanced configuration, DNS)

Check your servers and make sure the DHCP client service is not disabled. Some admins disable the service, believing it isn't necessary when a static IP is used, however, the service is needed for the server to refresh dynamic DNS entries.



thank you

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