CA ARCserve Backup r12.5

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I am getting ready to install CA ARCserver Backup software r12.5 on a Windows 2008 Standard Server. Is there any good information out there that can guide me in the process. This is my first time installing CA ARCserver on a new server. I was told it was very tricky to get it installed correctly.
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CA ARCserve Backup r12.5 eMail Suite and File Server Suite.
r12.5 installation is very easy. You need to understand your requirements before starting the installation.

1. First on how many servers would you be installing ARCserve ??? This does not include the remote machines that you would be backing up using the Client Agents. I just want to know how many backup servers you would be having in your environment.

If the answer is one, then you should be selecting the Stand Alone server option during install. If you have multiple server, then the first server that you install would be the Primary Server and the other servers would be the Member servers.

2. Next you should concentrate on the user accounts. ARCserve installation would ask you for 2 user accounts. One for accessing the ARCserve Manager, and the other for executing backups. The one used for accessing the ARCserve Manager is by default named as caroot and is NOT a part of your NT Domain. This is just used to access the backup software. You can give any password that you want.

The other account is called the ARCserve Backup System Account which is used by ARCserve for backups. Now this account needs to be a part of the following groups

Backup Operators
Domain Admins

3. The other important factor that you need to concentrate is deciding what database that you would be using for ARCserve. You can select among, SQL Express which is free, or if you have a SQL Server in place, you can use it.

These are the important stuffs that you need to check. If you have any specific question related to the install process, let me know..




I will install the file server suite on one file server and install the eMail Suite on one Exchange 2010 server.

I presume I need to install this software on both the file and exchange server. Do I need to install anything on a workstation computer that can monitor tape backups or restore options?

I will be installing SQL Express on the file server.

I Believe  you want to have one backup server which is connected with tape device. For this in installation wizard you need to select standalone option, this install base component one the server and SQL express as ARCserve's local database. (Optional)

You want to backup a file server and exchange server. For this.

1. Install CA ARCserve base component on backup server, where tape device is connected.
2. Install Client agent for windows on File server.
3. Install Exchange agent for Exchange server.

All license needs to be only added in backup server, help about. - > License information.

Please check below link for Video on ARCserve.

Below link for complete set of Technical documents.

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