internet explorer on user account gets dnserror

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After removing a nasty trojan, one of my user accounts will no longer bring up IE7. It works fine with the administrator account on the same machine. I see a momentary flash of a DNSERROR.
What's going on and how do I solve this problem?
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First of all why don't you upgrade to IE8.

Otherwise, seems like some other may exists, scan the system with Malwarebyte and for Spyware run a deep scan of 15 day free trial of CounterSpy

Faraz H. Khan
Rob HutchinsonTech Lead, Desktop Support

Another thing you can try too since it works with the local administrator account, is to just reboot and move her old profile folder to another location, then let Windows recreate her profile.

If it works after this, then copy over her desktop. favorites, etc from the old profile folder to the new one.


how do i move her profile?
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I'd first go with just reinstalling Internet Explorer 7
Tech Lead, Desktop Support
If re-installing IE 7 doesn't work, just reboot the computer then login as local admin, and then open up the Window's explorer.

Go to the folder: C:\Documents and Settings

Find the user folder that she is using. You can sort the folders by date to see what folders are most current if you do not know the login name. You can also look in this folder's favorites or desktop to see if there are current files here to make sure you have the correct folder selected. Then just cut and paste this folder into another folder away from these folders. For example, make a folder called C:\oldUserFolders then past the folder into here.

Then have the user login, this login will take a little longer than normal as it will recreate all the normal user folders for their login name. You can then copy over the folders from the backup you made. Copy over favorites, desktop.

There is actually more files you can copy over from the old profile to retain the old user settings, but since her old profile has problems, I'd only copy over the minimum.


malwarebytes and counterspy both found trojans and presumably removed them, but to no avail. IE7 refuses to connect (DNS errors).


Will next try reinstalling IE7.


Reinstalling IE did not solve the problem, but replacing the profile worked just fine. Thanks.

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