Snow Leopard DHCP ID Problem

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I'm having a problem with networking under Snow Leopard.

I have my DHCP client id set to mac-vh in the network preferences as well as the computer name setting under sharing.

When I launch terminal at home it correctly shows my machine name as mac-vh.

When I connect at work, it arbitrarily assigns someone elses' name on the network to my machine.

I wouldn't really care except that I run software that looks at that value and requires it to be the same as when I installed the software.  It needs to be mac-vh or the program won't run properly.

I've googled this problem and the sites I've found say to make sure networking settings match what's in the sharing setting.  Our network admin doesn't know the answer.
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Have you tried setting a static IP address at work and registering this address with DNS? This will ensure that your mac's "name" doesn't change.

You could set this up as an alternative location, so you can have "home" with a dhcp setup and a "work" with the static address, and everything else set.
What is the DHCP server at work?  If it is a Windows DHCP server that is automatically updating DNS, your machine could be getting the DNS name from the last client that had that address.  Using a static address would fix this, or they could fix the DHCP server to properly update DNS for non-windows clients.


It is a Windows server.  So it seems its most likely on their end.  I really doubt they're going to change configurations for one person.  I can't update the company's DNS with a static address for my laptop - I don't have that kind of access, and the IT dept. isn't going to do this just for me.  Guess I'm stuck.

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