Installing AD within Server 2008

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I'm playing around with Server 2008 and wanted to know if there's a way, maybe from Microsoft, that will supply some type of a lab environment for playing/testing out Server 2008 AD?  

I'm planning on running tests within AD, but don't really have a lab setup for this.  I'm sure I could create my own, but I wanted to save some time and see if Microsoft has some type of utility that will do this.

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In that case the best option would be  check out MS virtual labs.

The best is VMware Workstation versions 5.5 and 6.0 will both install on 64-bit architecture, plus they will both install a 64-bit guest OS (for the virtual machines)  install Windows 2008 AD and test it as you want.

Also you can download Virtual PC for free from Microsoft, but I think it will not support 64bit guest:

Faraz H. Khan
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You can download free vhds from MS to use in a Virtual Environment for testing.

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