Windows XP SP3 won't run finsish the Computer Connect wizard for SBS 2008

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I'm trying to add my first XP SP3 client computer to my SBS 2008 domain and when I run the Launcher.exe from my USB drive I get an error that the "error encountered while downloading content for computer connect program"

So I've turned off the firewall on both machines and I've tried accessing http://connect from the client machine, I CAN ping to and from between the two machines and have had no luck; any suggestions?

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its sounds like a dns issue. is your client machine using the sbs server as a dns server?


Yes and I just checked it as well.  I don't currently have the SBS machine and 1st client connected to a router but rather a switch.  Could that be causing the problem?
yes i have this problem all the time with clients, they use the router for dhcp, which broadcasts the router for dns. you can do 3 things.

a)tell the router to use the sbs server for dns (not all routers can do this)
b) manually configure the client to use the sbs server as a dns server.
c) disable dhcp on the router and use the sbs server for dhcp.

You have to do this either-way, you have to configure dns forwarding on the sbs server to your isp's dns server or opendns which is and
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I just tried pinging the SBS 2008 machine from the windows xp machine by NAME and both resolved correctly.

I can access the SBS 2008 machine via windows explorer and its name, \\server1 but no luck on networking this computer to this SBS2008 machine.

I've recopied the files that are supposed to download the Computer Connect Program and still no luck.  
does \\server.domainname work?


So I replaced the switch I was using with a Netgear Prosafe router and the client is configured with a static Ip address and the SBS 2008 server is set as the primary DNS server and there is no secondary.
And of course still not luck on downloading the Computer Connect Application.  IS there a manual way to download the Computer Connect Application?

Many Thanks,




Is accessible and of course I receive a username and password prompt.
Lol....i guess I should have checked EEs previous Questions:

Adding the dns suffix within tcp/ip made all the difference:)

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