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I have a Bindingsource, bound to a DataTable, and has a filter set (BS.Filter="DayOfWeek=5"). When I do a BS.Find it seems that is is searching (and returning) also rows that that outside the filter. Is this the way .Find works or am I doing something wrong? If this is the way .Find is meant to work is there another way of searching that will adhear to the Filter?
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Miguel OzSenior Software Engineer
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BS.Filter="DayOfWeek =' 5'".
You are missing the single quote. Check:


If you want your filter to work you want this:

MyBindingSource.Filter = "State = 'NY' OR State = 'MA' OR State = 'CO'";

Could you please post a code snippet? BS Find searches ar based on PropertyDescriptor not just column name.

PropertyDescriptorCollection pdc = bs.CurrencyManager.GetItemProperties();
bs.Position = bs.Find(pdc["my_column_name], my_searchable_value);
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Miguel OzSenior Software Engineer
Top Expert 2009

Please specify if you are binding using the property designer or manually.


I'm not missing a single quote, this is a numeric column.

I using code to filter, here is the code:

BSCustomerPossibleRoutes.Filter = "DayOfWeek=" & CType(DaysDates.DayOfWeek(DateTimePicker2.Value), String)

here the BS is setup:
BSCustomerPossibleRoutes = New BindingSource
BSCustomerPossibleRoutes.DataSource = DSCustomerPossibleRoutes
BSCustomerPossibleRoutes.DataMember = "CustomerPossibleRoute"


when doing
bs.position = bs.find
is it searching only the filtered set or the whole set, and what does it return if it finds nothing?

If it find nothind it returns -1 - and this is valid postion for setting bs.Position = as it points to "No Current record".

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