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Quick questions here, hopefully a quick answer. I work with several cisco routers which have phone lines connected to the “voice-ports”. My question is what command can I use to monitor a voice-port to see debugging info such as what number is calling or what extension the call is being forwarded to. I know you’ll have questions, I’ll answer them the best I can, thanks in advance.
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deb isdn q931 on ISDN interface
deb voice ccapi on analogue interface.....


either by using CLI commands as per ikalmar posted..

ot by using the cisco RTMT ""Real-Time Monitoring Tool""",,which i recommend
that gives you more info..and it's a GUI with multi functions and feature
check this link from CISCO

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Istvan KalmarHead of IT Security Division
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RTMT only useable in CIsco callmagers.....

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