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I am trying to decommission an Exchange 2007 SP1 with Update 9 Public Folder Server. I removed all the replicas from this server but they refuse to go away. I have 250 Public Folders all user, no System folders and when I look at the properties using Power Shell, every one of them has the isDeletePending set to True yet they remain. I have rebooted several times. Mount and dismounted the store and nothing works. I don't want to just go into ADSIEdit and delete the  Store. That is not the right way to do it. There is a replica of every one of these folders on another Public Folder server. That server is Exchange 2003. To make sure it wasn't something with the versions, I created a replica of one of the folders on another 2007 Public Folder server and still the deleted one won't go away. This is really bugging me. Is there any hotfix or secret to getting rid of these.
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I found out what this issue was without deleting anything. The one remaining Public Folder replica on the Exchange 2003 server had the replication schedule set to Never. I changed it to Always and the replicas on the Exchange 2007 server disappeared. My only thought was even though the content was replicating anymore, the fact that the 2003 replica was set to Never meant that no settings were being repicated either so the pending delete would have sat there forever until I enabled replication on the 2003 side. Problem solved.

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