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I am using Micrososft Outlook 2003 under Windows XP.  I would like to search a message that contains a specific word in it. I do have lots of folders in addition to teh standard folders (Inbox,sent,etc..).  The messages I am looking for is in one of the many non standrad folders. That is, in one of the folders I created.  

So far I tried the following:  
1) Select "Find" from the Tool Menu, and then "Advanced Find".
2) In the "Advanced Find" window I typed in the search box the word I am looking for.  That is, a word that I know is contained in the message I am looking for.
3) In the same "Advanced Find" window I press the Browse button, and a list of all the folders that I have in Oulook show up.  In principle by placing a checkmark next to the folders I would like to search in would be the solution.  However, Outlook only allows to place a checkmark in the standard folders (Inbox, Drafts, etc..). That is in any of the folders listed under "Mailbox".  It will not let me place a checkmark under other folders that are not within the Mailbox gruop.  I get a meesage that says: "You can only select folders from the same information service".

I am not sure what this means. but because of this I cannot perform a global search in all the folders I would like to check.

Does anyone know how to overcome this or knows of a different method to perform a search in all folders created in Outlook?


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First, right-click any Outlook folder and choose Advanced Find...
By default the search will look for Messages, but you can change that.
When looking for email, Messages would be your choice.
Now, click the Browse button so you can choose the folders you want to search. As you can see in the Select Folder(s) window, you can pick and choose folders by simply putting a check in the box next to the folders you want to search. To search all folders is easy. Click the Clear All button. Now, put a check in the Personal Folders box. Make sure the Search subfolders box is checked (bottom left side of the window) and click OK.

At this point I you have several choices, but normally just type in the words you are looking for (this could be an email address also) in the Search for the word(s) box. Now, the box below this one will tell Outlook what part of the message to search. Click the drop down list and choose frequently-used text fields ... which pretty much covers everything. Click the Find Now button... and wait for your message to be found. Outlook will search every message folder in your Database.


This works very well.

Thank you


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