How to calculate date in Access 2003

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I have a query where I need to calculate the number of days from January 1st 1960, based on the data pulled.

For Example:

December 31 1959 = -1
Janurary 2nd 1960 = 1

I have tried the DateDiff ('d', 01/01/1960, [tablename].[date]) , but this doesnt seem to work properly...


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Jet SQL will handle date math of this type natively, so try something like:

select [mydatefield]-#1/1/1960#  as NumberofDays from mytable;


I am using Access to build my queries, but I am actually connected to an Oracle DB. Is this still possible?
Are you querying against Linked tables or are you using a passthru query?

My syntax will work fine for Linked Tables.  

If you're using a passthru query you'll need to write it in Oracle's SQL dialect, but Oracle also overloads the + & - operators for dates so try:

SELECT [mydatefield] - to_date('19600101','YYYYMMDD') FROM mytable;

If you find you're getting a fraction back your date field may really be a date time so try:

SELECT trunc( [mydatefield]) - to_date('19600101','YYYYMMDD') FROM mytable;

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I am using linked tables.
SharathData Engineer

Did you try the first post #26440626 ?
Curious  - As indicated, my 1st post should have been the correct Syntax for your scenario with Linked Tables.

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