Iptables recognizing OpenVPN traffic?

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Is there any way for Iptables to recognize OpenVPN traffic? I was hoping there would be some string that could be filtered from the packets, or any kind of identification that this is OpenVPN traffic.
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You can identify openVPN traffic by protocol/port of the traffic - by default UDP port 1194 (version 2.0) or UDP port 5000 (version 1). The port can be changed with port and protocol configuration directive.

The whole idea of the VPN connection is that the contents is encrypted - you can not see the content of the packets on the firewall.
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And once the packets are unencrypted, the only way to find out it is OpenVPN generated traffic is by filtering on IP addresses (of the IP pool used for OpenVPN).
Dave HoweSoftware and Hardware Engineer

the openvpn protocol is pretty well documented, but there is no pre-existing module to identify the traffic or even decrypt it from intercept - it isn't really SSL, but a related protocol using x509 for key negotiation (and even that's optional; you can instead use a keyblock that contains around 16 keys, of which up to 4 will be used for a session)


I was wanting to deny all traffic on port 1194(openVPN) if the traffic is not openVPN. Any type of traffic can be directed against that port. But I guess that is not very easy.
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assuming you have openvpn mapped to a specific internal host, then allowing that traffic will only allow openvpn - because the listener will drop any non-openvpn traffic.

outbound is harder, but if you use tcp rather than udp, you don't have to worry about replies to inbound traffic, leaving only outbound connects (and allowing that specific port when you are no doubt allowing 80 and 443 already isn't much of a leap)

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