How to set Oracle Forms 10g Radio Button

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This does not work for some reason. Can anyone tell me why?
I am listing the datablock, the radio group, the value property and the initial value.
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I haven't been around forms for a long time so I may not be able to help.  

Because my knowledge is old I'm not sure what you are trying to do with that statement.  Can you explain a little more?

first I can't locate 'VALUE' as a valid property (from a quick google).  Might be an old doc.

Also, you have a dot between item and name:
check the forms navigator to see what radio-group  the radiobutton is part of.
Assign the value to the radio-group
:block1.radiogroup_x := value;

the Set_Radio_Button_Property set the (most appearance) properties of the button:
checking the radio assigns the radio-button_value to the radio-group,
the radio-button_value is not a property that can be set at runtime (when i look at the documentation).


Sometimes the simplest thing is the solution.
:block1.radiogroup_x := value;
This worked. Thanks.

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