Installed Quicktimes on my Windows 7 x64 system.  I cannot run Quicktime.

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Installed Quicktimes on my Windows 7 x64 system.  I cannot run Quicktime.  I read an article about windows 7 supporting .mov with Media player.  Could that be causing the problem?  media player is not allowing Quicktime to load .mov or even launch.

1.  Tried to launch quicktime and it would lunch and would say loading and switching for a long time (actually it never stopped).
2.  I cannot watch .mov files in a web browser with firefox and even safari.  looks like there is an issue.  

I noticed these problem when i went to apple's site and wanted to watch videos of the ipad.  
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Have you tried to completely remove Quick Time and install it again?


i have uninstalled and reintalled quicktime several times already and i got the same results.

I tried to look for an older version of this software and no luck
NikSystems Specialist
Try this, it is smaller and better option if you ask me:
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Thanks.   What is causing this issue? is it compatibility issue?  
yes, but I'm surprised apple hasn't come out with a 64 bit version yet

Have you tried running Firefox when you  went to that site?  It worked for me in firefox, but IE8 64 bit, same site said "Get Quicktime", but then I tried IE 8 32 bit and I noticed the IE Add-on warning, that said, This website is trying to run an Add-on, Click to Allow. Once I did that, it worked.

By the way, IE8 32 bit is also installed on your win7 system. Just hit the Start-> and type Internet in the Search bar, and you should see at least two Programs, one would be
Internet Explorer (64 bit)
Internet Explorer
the second one would be your 32 bit version.
Good idea, you could also try google chrome
There is a QT alternative as a workaround it uses media player classic an open source and supports pretty well all vido formats
Yur problem maybe the itunes in Qt.
Did youinstall Itunes with QT?
Using QT alternative gets rid of that
Let us know how it goes.


thanks you all.  the quicktime alternative fixed it.  I also noticed that video's from the website are giving me all sort of problems.
could be other things like  slow internet..low system resources  outdated video card etc. Full temp files
you may need more codecs
Try a maintinence cleanup.
Glad to hear QT alternative resolved the main problem
If you don't require any further assistance you can accept my solution as the answer.
Thanks for using EE
NikSystems Specialist
Really, your solution?

And have I suggested couple of posts above yours?
ID: 26441155
Quick time alternative solved his problem as I suggested.
01/30/10 11:58 AM, ID: 26442813
ah i didnt see yur link.


solution not given

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