eclipse - JRE or JDK errors

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I got another error when I click run in Eclipse !!

The error is :

Java Virtual Machine Launcher.

Error: could not open c:\Program Files(x86)\jre6\i386\jvm.cfg

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Does that directory contains: jvm.cfg?

It sounds like installing Java again.


yes... I likly find the problem but i do not know how to solve it:

The isuue is the my projects were created using JRE 5 and  have JRE 6 now... Do you have any idea how I can change my current projects to work with JRE 6?
That would not be the problem. That's backwards compatible. What i don't understand is that the error is refering to the JRE, buit jou installed the JDK last time.

I think it is wise to un install all java JDK's en JRE's on your system and than install your new jdk.

If you keep the error in eclipse, you need to change the setting within eclipse self. In the properties in eclipse you can tel witch JDK to use.

Hope this helps
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I will uninstall them now... Can you give the proper link to install the JDK and JRE?
You only have to install the JDK(Java Development Kit), it already contains a JRE (Java Runtime Environment).

This in a lead how to config eclipse:

I wil lookup something fore de JDK.

Don't foreget to set you JAVA_HOME again ;)
This is the download for the newest JDK:

Installation instructions stand on the right.


no problem :-)

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