Receiving a message:  The RPC server is unavailable

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Hello Experts,

I have setup a small lab using VMWare workstation to learn Windows Server 2008.  At this point, my lab consists of one domain controller (DC-1) running Server Core and one member server (Server1) running Server 2008 Enterprise.  

I'm in Reliablity and Performance Monitor on Server1.  I'm trying to configure Server1 to remotely monitor DC-1 using the Reliablity Monitor.  When I try to connect to DC-1, I get a message stating "The RPC server is unavailable".

I can ping DC-1 from Server1 by name and address.

I have run the following command on DC-1, which should enable me to use MMC to administer that server:
netsh advfirewall firewall set rule group = "Remote Administration" new enable = yes

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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Check your firewall setting to see if port 445, 136-139TCP are open.
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Is everyone using the DC for DNS?

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