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I am having difficulty uninstalling some games from a Toshiba Laptop with Vista installed.  I follow all the proper steps etc, control panel/uninstall change/  and the programs will not remove.  Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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Any  help would be appreciated.
Systems Specialist
Try with revo uninstaller, should help you.

try rebooting and then uninstalling without opening any other programs..
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IF you are comfortable using third party clen up programs use, Your uninstaller program and download the trail version. This product completely removes the program including the settings & registry keys associated with that program.


If you want to use Microsoft program, I would suggest you to go with Windows Cleanup tool -

All the best!!!
BitsBytesandMoreNetwork Operations Manager
Top Expert 2009

I have been very successful with Revo Uninstaller mentioned above. Usually you will have even better results if you do the following:
1.Go into Safe Mode by pressing F8 while booting your computer.
2.While still in Safe Mode, Go to Start-Run and type: Msconfig
3.Once in the Msconfig application, go to the "Services Tab" and select:"hide all Microsoft services" select the remaining and disable".
4.Then go to the Startup Tab and disable ALL entries there as well. Close the window. You will get a prompt to Reboot..allow it.
5.After the system boots go into NORMAL MODE.......it will give you a warning regarding the changes made by msconfig: Select do not warn me again.
Now install Revo Uninstaller and remove any programs .... make sure to allow it to do the "In Depth or Advanced Removal" (I'm don't remember how they word it)....
You should be able to cleanly remove all the games.
Bits ...


Worked firts time, and its free to boot!  Thanks so much for the quick response.

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