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 Formatting the Pivot Table cells:  
a)  Is there a way to have subdivision first instead of tasks but not have it group (ie. Laundry groups the clothes and clothes 2)?  I want table to sort tasks by Scost 4  from highest to least.
b) I would like to automate the all cells to have a thin boarder but a thick boarder along the outer boarder.  you will notice JAS 10 will be a smaller table - is there a way to have it automatically be formatted to look like the longest table?
c) what is the best way to get from Pivot Table to Presentation.  Currently I am Copy Sheet then copy and paste values and then switch the sub division with the tasks  and format.  Is there a way that I can avoid this step by getting to this look in the Pivot Table tab - so when I refresh data it always will have the same format look as in the Presentation Tab?

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After the table is created you can drag/drop the fields to change order,
that is all I did on the pivot table tab to rearrange them.

Formatting the pivot table directly can only be done manually and
usually the controls are undesirable so your approach to have a
separate presentation layout is the normal way.

I don't know if dynamic formatting of a variable sized table is even
possible - imagine you will add new items that make the results
grow or shrink (as JAS2010 is smaller than the rest).  I would
plan for the largest expected number of rows and leave it at that.

You don't have to copy -> paste values after every change,
just use a reference from the presentation cells to the pivot
cells.  I did that for the first JFM2010 section on the presentation tab.



This looks like a cool option.  I have a few questions so I can understand more.
1.  Why =CONCATENATE('Pivot Table '!B6," ") vs. ='Pivot Table '!H6 (linking)?
2.  Can you explain what Concatenate means and the rest of the formula?

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