Trouble with NTFS Folder Permissions Server 2008

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Hi All,

Feeling silly here but I'm struggling setting up user permissions in Server 2008.  

In a nutshell I have a Folder which is shared with Read Only share permissions for all network users. Within that folder is a folder for each user to store private files in.  On each of these folders I have shared the folder and granted only the admin account and the user concerned read and write access to the folder.  I'm basically trying to allow only the individual user to access files in their own folders but as it stands all users seem to have read access to all the folders.

Can someone please put this idiot out of his misery and tell me where I'm going wrong in very simple steps?

Many thanks

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A simpler way to do this would be to share the parent folder.  If you use access-based enumeration, users will only see the folders inside that they have access to (ie their own).

Make sure that you have each of those user folders, not inheriting permissions.

Typically structure and basic acl's
d:\users - NTFS permissions; Everyone:Read, Admin:Full
     This folder gets shared.  Share Permissions; Everyone:Modify, Admin:Full  (don't be scared about these permissions as the NTFS permissions will control everything)
D:\users\cderemer - cderemer:Modify, Admin:Full
     This folder needs to have inheritance turned off under Properties > Security > Advanced

More about access-based enumeration:



Thanks that worked!

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