Restore a Windows Server 2008 x64 DC/Exchange server

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OK, simple problem, frustratingly difficult.
Got a Win 2K8 Std Server SP2 x64 running as single DC with Exchange on a 500Gb disk.
Current disk is giving outrageously poor Write performance, have got 2nd 500Gb disk to replace.
BESR 8.5 goes through process of imaging and restoring but will not then boot imaged drive.
As I have a complete Backup set on local USB backup Drive I tried to boot from Win 2008 Media DVD, but as it boots into x86 version it will not perform System Recovery. (Both 86 and x64 versions on same DVD)
Booted from Vista x64 Media DVD and tried to perform Complete PC Restore but it failed with "volume id not found 0x80070495" error.
I don't have a key to boot and image using BESR 2010 Trial, and Acronis True Image has now gone, cannot easily fathom out how to make a Recovery CD and clone.
Any ideas, anyone, please?
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its a bug, i had a similar issue.

On the new drive run this.


Thanks Stephen, I'll give it a go (very nearly got there myself about an hour ago)
OK, have got a result.
Tried the StartRep.exe solution as suggested by Stephen, but this reported "..cannot automatically repair this system"
Instead, I have used the following steps.
1. Updated to BESR 8.5.5 (although I have successfully used earlier versions of this software on this System, so this may not be relevant.
2. Did a BESR backup
3. Did a BESR Recover.
  a) Deleted Partition
  b) Checked Set Drive Active AND Restore Original Disk Signature AND Restore MBR
This worked and I've got my server back with new disk, Phew!

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