Failover Policy for MSCS 2008 + SQL Server 2008

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Everytime I bounce my primary node in my 2008 cluster, the cluster fails over to the secondary node.  How can I stop this?  Also since it is SQL Server 2008 Cluster on top of MSCS 2008, do I need to set the policy on both levels or will the MSCS 2008 policy take care of it.  

Basically I do not want the cluster to failover when a patch is installed and reboot is required.
Also, when the cluster does failover, how do I get it to failback?  Is this just on the MSCS side or the SQL Server side as well?  Thank you for your help.
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Look at - there is a list of useful documents related to clustering.

Your SQL has to move to secondary node! It's why you created a cluster... If you like to control entire process manually you can take your SQL resource offline (in failover cluster management console) then do your normal maintenance task and then bring it online again (after ensuring it is located on a right node).

Failback options can be set in group properties. failback is disabled by default because failing back generates next service availability break.


Hi there -
Can you elaborate on the "next service availability break"?  I tried googling it however am not finding anything about that except for this post.  I did find an article from the link you sent me on what I want to accomplish, but I also want to make sure that I am not causing a problem on down the road if I choose to failback immediately.  

failover means re-starting service on the new machine. If you failback - you have to stop service and start it on first node. This additional stop makes your service not as available as without failback. I know it's only a minute or two. But sometimes it's a lot of time.

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