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Hello All,

So we have an Exchange 2007 SP2 server running on 2003 R2 server. Our domain controller is a 2008 R2. I recently installed 2008 R2 and 2010 Exchange following the instructions from many links such as this one ( As we all know Exchange 2010 does its checks which were all successful prior to proceeding. When it finished it all phases finished successfully. When opening Management Shell or Management Console I receive errors. I have attached a screenshot of Management Console showing it is unable to connect. Now I open my console in Exchange 2007 which is a seperate server, but dont show an additional server, but thought that was normal? I've been reading many articles but have yet to find a definitive solution. Many keep pointing at the WinRM CBT3 instead of CBT2, yet when downloading and installing CBT3 the server tells me the update is not applicable to your computer.

Any ideas would be appreciated
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Your error
click on "Incorrect Authentication Used When Connecting to a Remote Server "



stephen c01 - Thanks for the quick response. However, this is being run directly from the Exchange 2010 server. Shouldn't it connect to itself? This is the screen shot of Mgmt Console. Again, I received no errors during installation what so ever, so I'm lost as to why its giving me problems.


1.I Removed the feature "WinRM IIS Extension".
2.I Added the feature "WinRM IIS Extension"
3.I ran "winrm quickconfig"
4.I rebooted.

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