KB915597 - Update for Windows Defender not installing.

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I'm using WSUS 3 in a network.  Most of the clients report that KB915597 - Update for Windows Defender is downloaded, but not installed.  
In the local Windows Update log, it has shown since it's approval that this update is installed every time AU is set to install updates, but when the client system goes to sync updates the next time, it downloads it again and installs it again.  Over & over & over.  Other updates are installing & aren't stuck in this loop.  I also believe this update is having the same problem on other networks I manage.
should I simply unapproved this update & forget about it?  Or is there a way to get this update truly installed & finished for good.
I have a GPO that sets all clients to install downloaded updates automaticly & reboot if needed at 17:00 every day, so it's not a "needing to reboot" issue.
Thanks for your help
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The answer to your question is in the event id(s) on the clients and/or the error code generated by the installation.  Try running it manually on one of the clients to see what code it generates.
DonNetwork Administrator

read here

How to troubleshoot definition update issues for Windows defender

in addition you could run from the command prompt

mpcmdrun -RemoveDefinitions -All

and then

wuauclt /detectnow     <<<or manually install the update
DonNetwork Administrator

it could also be that this update got corrupt on your wsus server.

so then run on your server the command:(located in %drive%\Program Files\Update Services\Tools)

wsusutil reset

This Checks that every update metadata row in the database has corresponding update files stored in the file system. If update files are missing or have been corrupted, WSUS downloads the update files again.

See if the methods suggested here help>
"Windows Update Already Installed":

If unsuccessful you could try downloading and opening Dial-a-fix > http://wiki.lunarsoft.net/wiki/Dial-a-fix#Mirrors.2Fdownload_locations.2C_and_articles

Click "Fix Windows Update", then click "GO".
Thanks for the comments everyone.  I decided to not install this update & skip it. It's an old update now not worth the hassle of trying to get it to install on 30 machines.

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