Upgraded vb.net 2005 to vb.net 2008  and now Multiple Calls Ignored

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I upgraded a desktop application from vb.net 2005 to vb.net 2008 today and am experiencing a strange behavior.  I have a call to 6 subs in the load event of a form and only the first one is triggered and the rest are ignored.

Any idea as to why? They work 100% in vb.net 2005.



        Call populate_tbltally() 'this one triggers, the rest do not

        Call TRVOLspecDC() 'summarize data by stand, block, species, dbh, product, harvest option, cuts and leaves

        Call TRVOLspecDC_BLOCK() 'summarize data by block, species, dbh, product, harvest option, cuts and leaves

        Call blockload()

        Call StandTab() 'create a stand tab for each stand in cruise and summarize the volume with links to details

        Call filldahouse() 'get all calculate values from storage table and populate the stand tabs
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place a breakpoint at the first call. this way you can see exactly what lines of code run. perhaps it gets caught up in the first sub, or doesn't give noticable results from the other calls. another thing if you can change the order of the calls it may tell you somthing too. if you can't figure it out with this then tell us what you saw and mabye i can help some more.



I have spent about 8 hours on this and FINALLY figured it out. I upgraded this to the SQL Server to Compact 3.5 sp1 but forgot about a volume table database that is bundled with the software. It was in version 3.1. When this happens there is no error thrown...vb.net just ignores all code past the point where the old db is accessed.

Thanks for the help.

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