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I need to export a list of checks from quickbooks and include the contents of the memo line.  

Obviously the solution should be to go to the account and use quick reports to add the Memo field to the report.  Unfortunately, Quickbooks apparently has two memo fields; the one that shows up on the report is not the one I need.  I need the memo line that actually prints out on the bottom left corner of the check itself.

This field is visible when viewing check register in Quickbooks, but the accountant says it can't be exported.  I find that unlikely.

Any ideas short of using QODBC would be much appriciated.
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Bill BachPresident and Btrieve Guru

I'm running QBPro2010.

Selected Reports/Banking/Check Detail to open a basic check report.
Clicked Modify Report.  
Scrolled down and enabled the checkbox on Memo. Clicked OK.
The Memo column appeared, which I made wider to be able to see it.
Double-clicked on the check and compared the memo showing in the Memo field on the report with the memo that showed on the check that appears on-screen -- they are the same.  Did a test print of the same check -- this is what prints on the Memo line of the check.  

Please try the same and let me know how your's differs.


Thanks Bill, I'll try it out


Ok, sorry for the delay.  The accountant tried it out and here's what she said:

"I tried this and it only shows checks for balance sheet accounts.  It will not show checks on expense accounts.  Why?  I have no idea--doesn't make sense to me.  I've looked at re-setting my features but I don't see anything that will help."

PS We're on QB 2009 Pro.
President and Btrieve Guru
Got me on that one.  I don't do the accounting here, and wasn't even aware that there was a difference!  I'd guess that a call to Intuit may be in order, as it could even be a bug in their code.


Thanks Bill, I appriciate your help.  Not sure why they have two different fields called "memo."

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