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Firstly i want to be sure if i understand correctly:
1) if i use failover clustring for 3 server when one of the server's software or webservice or sth. else if down other one will work is this right ?
2) Could i use HDD of servers for every one as a owner of hdd on clusturing ..
For Ex :
1) HDD 1 On Machine1
2) HDD 2 On Machine2
3) HDD 3 On Machine3
Do i able to see thee all 3 hdd on each computer as hdd owner ?
4) Is there any way to other resources like ram,cpu which has not a process
5) What is the difference between load balancing and clusturing ? As i know load balancing will split connections depending of the server's  usage. But clustruring will use all the machines as one ?
6) In the clustured network do all the computers must have windows enterprise or only one is enough?

Every question 83 Points :) Thanks for evey help
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1) yes.
2) no. You should use special shared storage solution i.e. on iSCSI
4) no.
6) all have to be Enterprise

5) NLB means all your machines are working independently but NLB distributes requests between machines. Web server is a good example. You create 5 servers with same webpage and each servers only 1/5 of traffic. Service works on each machine.
Clustering means: if your service is down, someone else will try to bring it up. So from the service point of view it works only on one machine at a time but may be switched to another one in case of failure.


i looked a little for iscsi but i found only instructions for virtual disks for vmware could you pleas inform me how could i make like this :

last post of me :

i want to make every computer on the network will see the other computer's hdds as its own hdd ?
for example there are totally 5 Hdd and 3 server each server will see 5 HDD on my computer

please continue from there this points are yours


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> want to make every computer on the network will see the other computer's hdds as its own hdd ?

The  best option is just file sharing (maybe with DFS).
Making them visible as local devices is much harder and usually makes no sense. NTFS file system is not designed for simultaneous direct access and you have to use a lot of not really reliable tricks to make it all working. Of course you can try if you can risk loss of your data...

Look at for really great iSCSI solution.


but for my application there are two outbound connection type think a hierarchical tree


Storage  Server1  Storage Server 2  Storage Server 3

in some cases storage servers has direct outputs in some cases publisher read files from storage servers do you have an advice for this there are two network card on servers and one of them for intranet one of them for internet

please answer the question from the link because if you have an advice to solve points are your again

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