One user denied access to sharepoint at same time every day

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We have one user on a network of around 50 people.
Around 12:15pm  (give or take a minute or 2) one user on the network is denied access to sharepoint intranet site.

He is constantly requested to login to the site, and although his credentials are correct, he is refused access.

He has 3 different browers on his pc, (IE, Firefox and Chrome)... and they all are refused around this time.

The 'lockout' period can last anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour or 2. Restarting the pc makes no difference.

No other use is affected. It appears to be this one particular user on this one pc. If he logs on to another pc, access is fine.
However... if another user logs in to the 'affected' computer during this 'lockout' time they will be successfully able to login to sharepoint.

500 points for this as it's a bit of a head scratcher.
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"Denied access" meaning... keeps getting the logon box?

Is this all LAN traffic - no firewall, router, etc. involved?



"Access Denied" as in they keep getting the login box to authenticate to sharepoint.

This is only for sharepoint traffic. no other network / local access is affected.

I assume you've checked all the usual suspects?  Malware protection, ACL/security policy on the affected computer, etc.
Does the user have local profiles or a roaming one?  

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Yea. All the usual suspects (not that there are many on this pc) have been checked. AntiVirus is controlled centreally and scans don't run at this time. They run first thign in the morning when computers are turned on.

If you watch task manager and sharepoint around 12:10 onwards, nothing changes when sharepoint authentication is lost. No other services start pulling more resources, system is usually 99% idle.

It's a brand new machine, quadcore, 4gb ram... so its not as though its struggling to do something....

The user does have a roaming profile, although if this user logs on to another pc, the problem does not follow the user....

This user is setup exactly the same as every other user on the network.... same level of access, same sec pol / GPO.
If you are using Office 2007 and SharePoint 2007 then you are probably getting this before of a bug in Office 2007 (which has been resolved via a hotfix).

Read this post I made on this very topic.

If the scenario matches -- you are only getting this once a day because the Office 2007 timer job by default only runs once a day.

You can also download this utility I created that will show you which site is causing the problem.


Thanks for this.  I will install this update tomorrow and test and see how it goes.


This update looks like it might have done the trick... however... having asked the user to pay particular attention to the time and test this theory, we havent fully confirmed...

I'd like to keep this post open untill early next week just to be on the safe side and then let you know.



This update has resovled the problem.

Manyt hanks for the help with this.

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