Register/reinstall existing Adobe CS4 components in WIN 7

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Having found that the Adobe CS4 applications are in e.g. C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 and can run from these folders, how can I register these applications as they are not in the registry in HKEY_ LOCAL_MACHINE...SOFTWARE. They need to be registered because some of the Dreamweaver Extensions call Fireworks for image processing and won't work without registration.

In addition, the applications do not appear in Start...All Programs

Tried using AkamaiDownloadManagerInstaller.exe to download free trial & install with existing Studio 8 & CS4 serial numbers - no response from downloader.  Previous attempts to re-install CS4 from current downloads returned: "Error 1605. This action is only valid for products that are currently installed."

There followed many steps suggested by Adobe from  running Adobe Support Advisor + several other steps - no success. Much more detail can be found with an Experts Exchange search for "Cannot reinstall Adobe Creative 4 Suite Standard on Win 7 after Easy Transfer"

This is getting serious! I am unable to use CS4 components effectively and my customers are anxious!

Help will be greatly appreciated!
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Re: "Error 1605. This action is only valid for products that are currently installed." This is to be expected if there is no information in the registry for these apps, the system doesn't 'know' it's there.

I would suggest a manual removal and then re-install.

Remove or rename the program folder from C:\Program Files
Remove or rename the program folder from C:\Program Data
Remove or rename any reference to the program in the folder from C:\Program Files\Common Files
Remove or rename any reference to the program in the folder from C:\Users\All Users
Find the folder in C:\Program Files\InstallShield Installation Information that relates to CS4 or Photoshop etc. A program like Spybot can assist identifying the right one, by installing that (if you dont already have it), going to the Advanced Mode menu option, then Tools on the left menu, then Uninstall Info. If you find it in there Spybot can delete it for you.

There ia also settings information here : C:\Users\<your user account>\AppData\Roaming, but you should be able to leave that alone.

Then ensure there is no reference to the application in the HKEY_ LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE key, which you have already found.

You should then be able to reinstall without the system getting confused.
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It seems that there is more to this than just CS4 progams. I have spent more time already than it would take to *not* use Windows Easy Transfer and reinstall programs & data from my extensive backup.
 Windows Easy Transfer  at first 'discovered' all my program and data drives (D: through E: on same disc as C: & G: through H: on seperate HD.) In addition, I have a Maxtor SSD and 250 Gb WD Passport as further duplicate backup.
Parsing  Windows Easy Transfer was, I thnik, the cause of my difficulties. Seens easier to do a 'clean' WIN 7 reinstall & restore from backup. Files such as outlook.pst, myroboform data etc. I will have to reinstall all programs, but there are not many. Data backups are always current!
See any problems here with reinstall of WIN 7?
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Problem was wrong selection of files from Windows Easy Transfer - reinstalled with 'clean' setup & reinstall pgms & data from extensive backup.
That is the best way, I often reinstall my system anyway to ensure it's "clean". Windows 7 has made this very easy with it's ability to find and install correct drivers. On decent hardware it's not too much time out of your life to reinstall and import data & email and know your system is optimal. I always keep everything I need for a complete re-install so the process is painless and fast. I often find these shortcut wizards etc end up being more trouble than they are worth, and often transfer old problems with the settings and data anyway. You can't beat a clean install.

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