Sharing a printer through Windows 2003 server and osx 10.6

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We have an all wireless office (no direct Ethernet option for internet). We have 2 macs that have wireless Airport cards (they connect to the internet fine) and then a Dell PC with Windows 2003 Server (no wireless card). Our printer is an older Okipage 18 Laserjet that is a parallels only connection and because of that is connected directly to the server. Our macs (both of them) need to be able to access the printer to print off checks from quickbooks. We have no router that we can run an ethernet cable to in the office (shared building wireless router).

We have on of our macs (the main one that runs quickbooks) set up to share internet coming in through the airport card and going out from the ethernet card to the Windows server. The windows server can surf the web, but for some reason we can't share the printer or files with the server from the mac. It appears that it is a one way connection to the server and we aren't getting data back from the server.

Are there any settings that I should mess with on the apple or windows side to make this function properly? I keep getting the following error message when trying to connect to the server...(See Attached image)
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Wouldn't it be simpler just to buy another printer for the MACs?
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What does the server do on the Network? If it does not already, I would configure it as a WINS server.
Create a location in the Mac's network preferences with just the airport adapter. From that adapter's properties, on the WINS tab, add the address of the windows WINS server to the dialog box.

I am not sure how users are organized on your server, be them local users or Active Directory based. Add user accounts on the server to reflect the user accounts on the various Macs, with the exact username and password for each user.


This solution is very good.

What I ended up doing to fix the problem is get a linksys router, install DD-WRT firmware on it, have the router receive wireless internet from upstairs and then distribute the internet / network through ethernet cables.

Probably a little more difficult than needed, but now my office network is secure behind my own router/firewall and I don't have to waste money on a new printer that will last one year and then need to be replaced. These old laserjets will run least ours has, it's like 9 years old (and cheap to operate).
Jason WatkinsIT Project Leader

One's own router is the way to go! Glad to hear you had reached an acceptable solution.

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